Lily Lorelei

Painter • Graphic Designer • Writer • Animator • Cat Mum

Welcome to Lily's Wonderland!
Lily is an artist known for her enchanting imagination. She has embraced the fascinating world of NFTs with her surreal art, where she creates alluring, whimsical characters that could jump off the screen and lick your face!

Sold over 100 nfts on primary and secondary markets, she aspires not only to captivate the world with her art but to also be a published author and scriptwriter. 


"I love exploring the depths of our minds.
Not our conscious mind but the subconscious one.
The dreaming mind." ~ Lily


The eternal silence was interrupted by a deep rumble: Thump thump thump!
Out of Chaos, four elements sprang into existence: fire, water, air, and earth all merged and formed Gaia, the first Mother.
She moulded mountains, created forests, and filled the rivers with her blood. Read more here.

🤍   1/1 hand-painted, digital animation.
🤍   Music composed by Otto Kind
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Persephone is the Maiden of the Underworld, Goddess of the spring, and Queen of the ghosts. 
Each night she wanders between the living and the dead casting light with her torch, guiding the lost souls onto a safe passage towards the blessed afterlife.

🤍   3/15 available for purchase. 
🤍   Price: 0.035 ETH
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Is a collection of hand-drawn animated artworks, created with heaps of love and imagination. 
Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of the collectors, having acquired "Ode to Charlie Chaplin" as his first ever NFT art. View Tweet

In addition to a unique painting, you get a short story, written by Lily. 

🤍    Over 6 ETH traded on secondary sales.
🤍    New art added at 0.33 ETH.

Sold: 30    |   Total ETH Traded: 9.3 
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Kang Roo and Shadow Tail are members of the Floofies Club. The Floofies Club has two rules: Never talk about the Floofies Club and another one that they forgot. 

Once, they all got so intoxicated that they lost their master. Finding the Master Floofie has become the solemn purpose of the Floofies Club. 

🤍   1/1 hand-painted, digital animations.
🤍   Shadow Tail: SOLD.
🤍   Kang Roo: Available for purchase.
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This is Sir Anthony Hopkins's first-ever NFT.
In his own words, he tweeted: "Acquired the great ODE TO CHARLIE CHAPLIN by Lily Lorelei. Chaplin's LIMELIGHT had a profound influence on my life. 'More than cleverness, we need kindness, gentleness."  View Tweet

Just like Charlie Chaplin, Sir Anthony Hopkins has and is inspiring generations. He is an artist that oozes love for fellow artists and for humanity. 
These editions are now available for purchase on the secondary market.
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NYX Goddess of Darkness

In the darkest hour of twilight, Nyx, one of the oldest deities in the universe, makes her appearance at the Moon carnival. She is riding her chariot, covering the skies with her starry, dark hair.
Upon her arrival, the muses and the Sandman awaken to inspire beautiful dreams. 

🤍 1/1 hand-painted, digital animation.
🤍 SOLD OUT on primary market.
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This artwork was created with the intention of bringing joy and evoking a child-like wonder.
In this world, it rains only when you are holding a purple umbrella and the air is filled with scents of buttery popcorn and burned caramel!

The residents are those like us, who always dream during the night and change the world during the day.

🤍   1/1 hand-painted, digital animation. 
🤍   SOLD OUT on primary market.

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She once met a boy that dwelled in a peculiar world called 'Manhattan.’ She loved the name and decided for her stage name to be Queen Manhattan.
'Blessed are we who dance in the night, guided by the Moon, the stars as our light.'
- Carnival Queen Manhattan 

🤍   1/1 hand-painted, digital animation.
🤍  SOLD OUT on primary market.
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Video Gallery

Queen of the Blue Ghosts

In the fading light of summer's eve, the blue ghosts gather to pay tribute to their benevolent Queen, as she unfurls her wings bringing nightfall so dark that looks like a velvet blanket, over the world.
An eerie sound echoes, a whisper in a language understood only by them.

🤍  A collaboration with SoulplayClayNFT. 
🤍  This 1/1 artwork is a physical sculpture, a digital           painting, and an animation.

1/1  -  SOLD OUT
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